Staging Your Home for Sale

Great Staging Can Mean a Fast Sale

Staging your home for sale doesn’t have to cost a lot and can make it much more attractive. The following is a basic checklist for you to refer to when you try and show your house to prospective buyers.

7 Helpful Hints on Staging Your Home For Sale

1) De-clutter: Any home with a lot of clutter stands less chance of getting sold faster for a good price. More and more people these days are looking at optimizing the space within the house.

Clutter sends the negative message that the house doesn’t have enough room to accommodate everything. Rent a storage unit for your things if you need to.

2) Make Beds: If you are in the habit of leaving home each morning for work without having made your beds, you are in trouble. Your agent may bring prospective buyers to your house and it gives a very negative impression if the beds are not made.

If you cannot make your beds in the morning, you can talk with your agent and ask him to avoid bringing in people before a particular time, or bring them only during weekends when you can ensure you make your bed.

3) Clean closets: Make sure your closets and drawers are neatly arranged. It just gives an impression of order within the household. Cluttered closets give the impression that your house doesn’t have enough storage space.

4) Light Your Home Well: Make sure that you have your curtains open to let in enough natural light. Use natural light as far as possible but also be sure to turn lights on when you are having a showing.

5) Leave your house: Let the agents do the showing around. If someone has come to view your house that they might buy for a huge sum of money, they want to have a good look.

Buyers will not be comfortable looking around if you are there watching them.

6) Clean the yard: Make sure your yard is clean and tidy as well. As with beds and closets, this too plays a major role in forming a good impression.

Curb appeal is critical. Make sure that your house looks great from the road by cleaning up the toys, pulling the weeds, and keeping the yard tidy and well groomed.

7) What Does Your Home Smell Like?: Make sure your house does not stink under any circumstances. It is a major put off. Avoid highly scented air fresheners. It makes it seem like you are hiding something.

If you have pets, even if you consider them to be friendly, remove them or cage them during showings. People who come to view your house may not be impressed by your animal. On the contrary, they may feel uncomfortable, and be unable to inspect your house properly.

While your home is listed, go through it regularly to ensure that everything is in place. Do a regular check up, may be once a week. Arrange the closets, mow the yard. Make sure everything looks vibrant and happy. Never, however, give a false impression. Show your house just as it is, reflecting all the good times you have spent there.

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